AZIBAZA, the premier gallery in Asia for the arts of the Himalayas and Southeast Asia. Here you will find Buddha statues, ethnic or religious collectibles and rare antiquities - masterpieces to entice the neophyte, please the seasoned collector or decorate your home with a touch of Asian class. We are particularly efficient in supplying interior designers and gallery owners because we are able to understand exactly their wishes. All our pieces are unique and often unusual.

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Kind of Jambala, deity
  • Brass - copper
  • 40 years old
  • 22 x 14 cm - 9 in
  • 1029 USD / 946 €
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Kind of Jambala, deity
Man and woman breast and genital organs
  • Wood
  • 180 years old
  • 60 x 27 cm - 24 in
  • 4588 USD / 4216 €
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Man and woman breast and genital organs
Royal Ratanakosin Buddha
  • Bronze
  • 100 years old
  • 16 x 13 cm - 6 in
  • 529 USD / 486 €
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Royal Ratanakosin Buddha
  • Copper
  • A few years old
  • 26 x 9 cm - 10.5 in
  • 441 USD / 405 €
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Our YouTube Channel is located in Bangkok, Thailand. is sending masterpieces to 40 countries in the world since the last century.
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